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About Us

Stavební firma Slivoň, s.r.o.


Origins of the company

Dear business partners,
We are very pleased your interest in our services. The company is based on the experience of Mr. Slivoň, who has been in the construction industry since 1994. The  Construction company was founded by extending our services in the field, increasing the number of orders and employees.


During its acivity, the company has managed to build a strong position in the region Prague - West. It has become a solid partner for many construction companies and small builders. Since its inception, we have been offering customers a comprehensive solution for their construction. For this reason, the company is constantly expanding its range of services according to the customer`s requirements. Our service portfolio represents residential, civil, and industrial construction.

The strategic vision of the company is:

• consistently build the prestige of the company and the customer`s confidence;
• monitor new trends in production technology;
• increase the level of material and technical equipment of the company;
• promote professional growth  company's managers and employees to craft person;
• ensure the satisfaction of their employees and thereby increase their loyalty to the company and the customer;
• continuously improve its position in the existing market in the Prague region;
• create a permanent financial stability;
• ensure work safety and environmental protection;
• to increase its market share growth in the volume of completed construction.


What we are proud of

Our references include significant long-term cooperation with Vyšehrad Collegiate Chapter of St. Peter and Paul, for which we have carried out the reconstruction of several historic buildings in the area of ​​the Czech national monument Vysehrad example: the Chapter Church of St. Peter and Paul, the rotunda of St. Martin, etc.. .


Construction of houses

In addition, we not only build houses, but thein reconstruction too. Slivoň Construction company is registered in the grant program "Green Savings" and we are able to provide grants processing throughout a project, whether to build new houses or the renovation of houses and other buildings to which has been given a grant.

A selection of completed projects

• Vyšehradská Provost - reconstruction of the roof and attic
• Church of St. Peter and Paul - restoration works requested by the client
• Construction of a house on Kosor - the amount of the realized project 11,000,000 - CZK
• Biopharm Chotouň - Veterinary Research Institute, the construction of a new building project implemented Livacox volumes about 5,500,000, - CZK
• Construction of house building in Radotín - the amount of the realized project is approximately 10,500,000, - CZK
• Reconstruction of the pedestrian area near the tram line Hlubočepy - Barrandov about 500,000, - CZK
• Complete reconstruction Deputy Justice and adjacent buildings-volume project implemented around 10,000,000, - CZK
A further scope small or medium-sized reconstruction of dwellings, outbuildings
Repair of the Church of St. Anne - volume realized project CZK 38 million
the castle facade restoration Kosoř - volume realized project 7,900,000, - CZK
• New connections in Prague, working with OHL - the amount realized project 21,000,000, - CZK
• Construction of photovoltaic power Medlov at Brno - the amount of the realized project 5,500,000, - CZK
• Construction of the tunnel Pole in Brno, cooperation and OHL STAVOSTAV - volume realized project 45,000,000, - CZK
• Construction of four photovoltaic power plants by Slovak in Sabinovo district - the amount of the realized project 6,000,000 - CZK
• Reconstruction of Vysehrad No. dwellings 6 and 3 - the volume of the implemented project 2,500,000, - CZK
• Repair of FH Satelice – 3,500,000, - CZK
• Fixed several bridges in cooperation with the OHL, eg in Jihlava, Jindřichův Hradec, at VelkéMeziříčí – 8,000,000, - CZK
• Reconstruction of the railway bridge between Zbraslav and Vrané n Vltavou in cooperation with the OHL – 4,800,000, - CZK